Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off work early equals = Easy afternoon stencil project!!!!

I love getting off work early, but I especially love it when the weather is nice!  I can come home, open up the big double doors in my kitchen, and get "artsy fartsy" as my boyfriend's sister calls it. 

Today I decided to try out my new Martha Stewart adhesive stencils on a small apothecary jar I bought on sale at Michaels last week.  I chose colors to match our spare bathroom upstairs, which is done in mostly green, teal, and gray.

All I did was stick the stencil right on the jar, and paint!  In just a few minutes time, my jar had a brand new look!

I threw a few q-tips in, and VOILA!  A new bathroom accessory.   :-)

It took more time to gather my supplies than it did to make, and doing this little project made my afternoon!

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