Sunday, March 11, 2012

Am I too old for to play with these toys?

Garret's sister came over yesterday.  She is 4 months pregnant, and I can't wait to spoil that little baby!  My new obsession is finding fun boutique outfits, toys, and other goodies.  I follow a blog called Natural Suburbia, and they are sponsoring an awesome giveaway.  You should hop over there and take a look at the beautiful items they are showing off from Armadillo Dreams!  Garret's sister loves mermaids, so I thought I'd share this toy just so you can see how unique their toys are!  I Love, love, LOVE them!  Have a good rest of the day everybody!

Set of 3 Mermaids Handmade Kids Toy - Childrens Toy


  1. Thank you for the lovely post about our mermaids! They are our daughter Lucy's favorite too. :)

    Armadillo Dreams

  2. You are so welcome, they are truly fantastic!