Monday, April 23, 2012

Melissa's Silk Marvelous Mornings House Party!

I hosted a Silk Marvelous Mornings HouseParty this past Saturday!  I want to tell you all about it, and show some of the pictures! 

Here's a picture of the table, silly straws and all!

Coffee, with Silk as a creamer?

Little goodie bags!

It isn't breakfast without mimosas!

Strawberries and bananas, blueberry and apple muffins, bacon casserole, and a sausage casserole as well!

The girlies!

We tried Silk Vanilla, Silk Fruit and Protein Strawberry and Bananna, Silk Fruit and Protein Mixed Berry, and Silk Chocolate! 

Here are some snapshots of everyone taste testing.  I'll introduce everyone and tell you what their favorite flavors were!

This is my sister Amy. Chocolate was her favorite.

This is my niece Riley, and she liked the chocolate just like her mommy.

Say hi to my mom, Pam.  She was a fan of both the fruity flavors.  We decided that they almost tasted like yogurt! :-)

This is Charley, my other niece.  She tried every kind, but drinks Silk Vanilla regularly, so it was of course her favorite.

This is my friend Katlin, but my sister Amy and I pretty much consider her another sister.  She liked the chocolate, and thought the fruit flavors would be great in a smoothie. 

My favorite was the chocolate!  It was definitely interesting to see how each of us preferred certain flavors over the others. We had a fun morning trying new products, eating breakfast, and spending a few hours with just the girls. 

I want to thank Silk and HouseParty for allowing me the opportunity to host this get together, and to share these wonderful products with my guests.  What a truly marvelous way to spend a Saturday morning!

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