Monday, June 11, 2012

Bird House Love!!

My "real life" job is to work as a hospice nurse assistant.  Today I went to a nursing home to visit a patient who has a room with a beautiful view of a garden.  He is always watching the birds fly around the garden when I come to visit.  Apparently one of his family members noticed too, because they brought him a bird feeder to hang outside his window.  I helped him hang it today, and it inspired me to write this post about bird houses!

There is something charming about bird houses and bird feeders.  I've never been much of a bird watcher myself, but Garret is always pointing out different birds and telling me interesting facts about them.  I'm starting to really enjoy all the beautiful birds in our neighborhood.  We have a ton of robins here, and my two little nieces even found an egg in our yard around Easter.  They were so cute, they thought it was from the Easter bunny. 

Because of my new interest in birds and bird houses, I got online and started browsing for unique and interesting bird houses and feeders. I found a bunch of really neat ones on Pintrest, and several at  Here is what I found!!

Look at these two cuties!
bird bird house

The slinky feeder!

Jail house rocks!

My kind of bird house!! 

 Typography bird house!

Moon feeder. So pretty!

A suet bird feeder.  I have one of these!
Hiatt Manufacturing Weather Guard Suet Fdr Red
What a beauty!
Artline Large Plastic Gazebo Bird Feeder

Love the stone around the base!
Home Bazaar Covered Bridge Birdfeeder

A lantern bird feeder!  Love, love, love!

Outside-Inside Hurricane Lantern Bird Feeder

Maybe I should put a DIY bird house or bird feeder on my list of things I want to make!

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  1. That first picture's so colorful and fun! Perhaps a bit excessive...but cool none the less :)