Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm So Excited...

Things I'm excited about today:

1. I get to see Magic Mike tonight with two of my best friends.  AMC Cinema Suites style, which I love. Half naked men, reclining seats, dinner and drinks? It doesn't get better than that! (I've heard the movie is not that great, but I'm still not going to be the only woman alive that didn't see it)

2. Garret is out of town for a few days with work for a car show, which means I can do whatever I want.  This will include: painting furniture INSIDE the house without complaint, spend all evening watching all the "Real Housewives" shows I've been wanting to catch up on, and giving myself a mani/pedi.  

3. Garret is out of town for a few days with work for a car show, which means...I only have to clean the house ONCE today, and it will remain clean for the next few days!!! Hurray!!  Side note-I really do love Garret, but I think we can all agree that having a few stress free days to yourself is never a bad thing.

4. Later today I will have a product review/giveaway for something I really love and use every day. Stay tuned!

5. The 5 emptied and clean wine bottles I have on my counter.  The crafty possibilities are endless-Pinterest, here I come!  And no, I did not empty those 5 bottles by myself.  Which brings me to....

6. I have pictures to show you guys of my Seagram's Smooth House Party from last weekend!!  It was hot, but still pretty fun.  I will attempt to get those pics up before I head off to Magic Mike tonight.

7. I almost forgot something! I'm excited to try and finish the 3rd book of the Fifty Shades series!!  I haven't had a minute to breathe over the past week, and I've been dying to read it!  Man, I'm even more excited now!!

Okay, well I have to get to work if I'm going to be home in time to get today's review/giveaway up on the blog.  Thanks for stopping by, happy Thursday!! Isn't it great that it's almost Friday??

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