Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Original Giveaway Winners, and ALL NEW: Sponsor Spots!!

Hi ladies and gents!  I want to let you all know that There's No Place Like Home is now accepting sponsors!!  I have the prices VERY low right now to kick things off!  I'd like really like to have a great group of sponsors, so I've tried to keep the pricing super affordable.  I can't wait to showcase new blogs and shops to you guys! 

I currently have over 450 facebook fans, as well as a great group of followers here on the blog.  I will be doing numerous facebook shoutouts for sponsors, as well as features and giveaways right here!  If you have a blog or shop, and would like to be a sponsor, you can get all the info RIGHT HERE!  I'd love for you to make There's No Place Like Home a home for you and your blog!!

Okay, now for the giveaway winners of The Original Dish Drying Mat!!

Congratulations to Cat O. and Sandra M.!!!  I will be sending each of you an email here shortly!! 

Thanks to everyone who entered, and you can look forward to many more giveaways in the near future!!

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