Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Original Giveaway!

Everybody get excited! I have a great giveaway today, with two winners! I'm super stoked to do a review of The Original Dish Drying Mat!
When The Original company contacted me and asked if I would try and review their Dish Drying Mat, I was more than willing to. I had been wanting one for quite a while, but never got around to getting one. As much as I've used it since it arrived at my doorstep, I really should have purchased one a LONG time ago!
There are seriously dozens of ways to use this mat. The most obvious is for dishes. I actually have dishes drying on it as we speak. Before, I would let my dishes pile up in the sink until my dishwasher was empty again, but now it's almost easier to hand wash a few things and let them air dry on my Original Dish Drying Mat! 

I use another Original Dish Drying Mat for my paintbrushes and other crafty supplies that I have to rinse out. Before my Dish Drying Mats arrived, I was just wasting a billion paper towels to dry my paintbrushes on. Or setting them in the sink, which I'm pretty sure irritated Garret to no end. Now after I wash them out, I just set that mat out and it's a perfect solution. Especially for someone like me who has wet paintbrushes hanging around 75% of the time!

Giveaway time!!

If you would like to be the proud owner of a brand new Original Dish Drying Mat here's your chance!!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below to win!! I will announce the winners here on the blog, and email the winners as well!!

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  1. Great idea for drying your paint brushes. I too leave them sitting on paper towels. I use too many paper towels. I could be considered the paper towel queen. LOL :)


  2. I make my kids help. I want them to learn how to take care of a house so when they are married their wives aren't doing it all.

  3. Just found you via the weekend blog hop! I can't wait to see all your decor projects!


  4. Hey Mel! so glad i came across your cute blog!
    here from the vintage wannabee hop and excited to be your newest follower!
    ps. drop by and say hi at

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