Thursday, July 19, 2012

WHY Did We Buy a House With Light Carpet!?!

I love our house, don't get me wrong.  But what were we thinking purchasing a home with such light carpets?  The thing is, the carpet is really in great condition, so there is no need to replace it at this point.  Give us a couple years with it, and I'm sure all that will change.  The sad part about it is that it's just me and Garret.  There are no children, and no pets!  I mean, yes we have children in our house from time to time, but all the dirt was definitely not tracked in by them.  Garret and I are both really good about removing our shoes, and leaving them on the wood floor before hitting the carpet, but not all the time...

I need to find a good carpet cleaner in the Kansas City area.  I'm sick of trying to fight with it myself.  There is a company down in Texas called The Steam Team, out of Austin.  Here's there website if you are local and want to check it out 

I have tried spot cleaning with Oxy clean, I have tried renting the machines at the grocery store, and have borrowed Garret's mom's machine.  Her machine probably worked the best, but the stains underneath the carpet on the pad came back up within a matter of days.  If anyone knows of a good carpet cleaning company in the KC area that's affordable, send them my way!!!


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