Monday, August 6, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend at the Lake

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a weekend trip to my sister's in-law's lake house.  They own a home at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  I wanted to share a few pics of the fun we had, and also some pictures of the beautiful lake house.  Talk about super fun nautical decorating.  I absolutely love the way they have embraced the nautical theme, and how it is evident in every room.  Here are a few TON of pictures. First up are some of the home itself.

One of the guest bedrooms with water and boat wall paper.

Mantle in the upstairs living room.

Beautiful big doors overlooking the lake.

Blurry...but love it.

Upstairs guest bath. How adorable is this?

Bunk room downstairs. Has three beds in this room.

The bar downstairs. Exactly what a lake house bar should look like.

Basket of sunscreen, with a patriotic touch.

Downstairs fireplace.

The dogs relaxing on the comfy leather couches in front of more widows that overlook the lake.

Shelf that lines the wall to the door to the back patio and lake.

Map of the lake!

Another lazy dog photo.

The dogs having fun!

And here are some photos of the group of us having a great time!  Some of these were taken at the restaurant across the lake.

My Garret and my brother Eric.

My brother and sister.

Alligator bites! So yummy!

View from our table!

Cajun is the best!

From left to right, Garret, my brother Eric, and my boyfriend-another Garret!

The group taking some shots. It was my brothers birthday!

Me and my sister, singing apparently.

Anyway, that was our lake trip! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, enjoyed them!!!