Thursday, August 2, 2012

Caffeine Deprived and Giveaway Winners!

First, I want to again apologize for being absent.  We've had a busy couple of weeks, and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep for several nights last week.  On top of that, Garret and I started a diet.  This diet does not include caffeine, and for someone who had a Diet Coke obsession it's not easy.  I never realized how much I relied on caffeine until the past two weeks.   I've officially gone 11 days Diet Coke free, and have only had two cups of coffee in that time as well. 

So long story short, I've been feeling pretty drained.  When I come home I'm just tired, and the thought of doing much of anything makes my brain hurt.  The last few days I have been slllooooowwlly creeping out of that hole, and I'm feeling a little better. I think I many have finally caught up on that missing sleep, and am getting used to a caffeine-less diet.  Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me.  I do have some super cool things to show you over the next few days if I can get to them, so hang tight and we'll be back in the groove in no time!  Okay, time for what you really want to hear! 

The two winners for the 30 days large ad space are in!  Congratulations to Erin H. and Rebecca!  I will be sending you both emails this afternoon with details!! Thanks to everyone who entered, and we may be doing another giveaway very soon!! :-) Happy Thursday...ALMOST FRIDAY! YAY!

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