Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Few Weeks of Ups and Downs....but I'M ENGAGED!!!!

Hi all.  I'm sincerely sorry that I have not posted in several weeks.  It's been a weird time, and I just now feel myself slowing getting back in my normal groove. 
First the bad news, because it's more fun to follow up with the good news.  My grandmother on my Dad's side passed away a little over a week ago.  I've always had a really great relationship with her, and to lose someone you're that close with is devastating. She was such a fun person, and a very strong lady.  She had cancer, and had a lot of pain for years. 
Her death was especially hard for me because I work for hospice.  I work with dying people every day, but it's just so different when it's someone you love.  Luckily, I have a wonderful immediate family and extended family, and we were all there to support each other. 
After the funeral, the whole family went to my grandmas house.  We sat in the back yard and talked, the boys played football, and just laughed remembering all the good times we'd shared in that very spot.  It was the best part of my day.  I think she would have loved to see us all together having fun. 
I love you Grandma, rest in peace.
Now, on to the good news.  I got ENGAGED!!!  Yup, it finally happened.  After dating for three and a half years, he asked me to marry him!  Oh, here's the ring!
The proposal was great, because it was just the two of us hanging out on a Tuesday night.  We were just sitting there talking about our families, and our nieces and nephews.  Then, all of the sudden he was down on one knee!!  I was so shocked!!! 
Even though the past few weeks have been hard because of my grandma, it felt so good having Garret by my side as my fiance through it all.  For some reason knowing that he will be my husband makes me feel more secure through this hard time. 
I think getting engaged has definitely rekindled the romance a little bit too.  We both seem to be happier, and even Garret seems excited.  The other day I went to do some wedding planning with my mom and I told Garret I felt bad leaving him all day long.  He told me to go and enjoy myself, and do all the wedding stuff I want because I have the rest of my life to hang around the house with him.  :-)  Love. 
So, the date has officially been set for May 4th, which happens to be our 4 year "dating anniversary".  It's a pretty special date for us. 
Here's a glimpse of the venue.
So pretty, right!?!  It's an old building in a small town about 25 mins from our house.  I loved it the moment I walked in.  I've taken my mom there a few times, my sister(and maid of honor) once, and Garret went with us to sign the contract.  They all really liked it....or at least lied and told me they did because they know I love it.  Either way is fine by me lol!!
So looooonnnggg story short, I have a lot of stuff saved up to show you all.  Just because I haven't felt like writing doesn't mean I haven't been taking picks of some things that have been happening along the way.  Plus, I had a few blog posts planned before everything got crazy!! 
I also have some super amazing sponsors I need to show off.  And if you are a paying sponsor this month, you're getting next month free because I have been a basket case and you deserve better!! 
Thanks for your patience everyone, and get ready because we are going to end the summer and start the fall with a ton of great posts!!! 


  1. OMG congrats on your engagement! SO excited for you and looking forward to hearing/seeing more wedding details!!

    ♥ Shar

  2. WOW, congrats! thats soooo exciting!
    Thanks so much for coming and linking up last week. We hope you'll come back again today to link up!