Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the Spirit of Halloween, Here's Something FRIGHTENING!

You guys.  I'm afraid I have a serious problem.  We have a spare bedroom in our house we haven't furnished yet.  Instead, it has become a graveyard for unfinished craft projects, bloggy swag, wedding decor, paperwork, and disorganized craft supplies.  I'm ashamed of how scary it looks, but I'm willing to share the photos to give you all a good Halloween scare. 

So, with Garret out of town over the next few days, this is my project.  Wish me luck!  I can't wait to show pics of it organized!!  Or as organized as it can be with no furniture and shelving. (Not in the budget pre-wedding). 
Speaking of, go check out some info on The Wedding Takover!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Here comes the bride! Here comes....

Hello everyone!!  Today I want to introduce a new series I will be posting about over the next several months.  It's The Wedding Takeover!!

As you all know, I recently got engaged, and will be getting married this coming May. In the spirit of the wedding, I will soon be doing a series on my blog called “The Wedding Takeover”. For this series, I will be highlighting different areas of my wedding planning journey. 
I will show Pinterest inspirations, share posts from other bloggers that I have found helpful, and photos and descriptions of things I have planned for my wedding.  A big part of the series will be showcasing various online shops where you can purchase items for your wedding, or for someone you know who is planning a wedding!  Some of the first shops I will feature are Personalized Bridal Hangers.  and Pretty as a Picture Creations.  If you want to get an idea of the kind of things I will be showcasing, go check out their pages at and!
 I have created a special promotional package for vendors who want to participate. I’m offering a feature review, 6 months free large ad space(which includes monthly group intro posts), and six months worth of facebook shoutouts to the vendors who choose to participate in “The Wedding Takeover” series. I’m doing this in an attempt to create great content for the blog, as well as aquire some awesome and unique items for my wedding and wedding party.

If you would like to participate, I am asking that you send an item or items for me to review.  The promotional package I described above is worth over $50, and is a lot of work for me too.  All this is negotiable, and promo packages can be created on an individual basis.  If you are at all interested, or have any questions please feel free to contact me. 
Everyone can look forward to the start of this series here in about a week!  And don't worry, I will still be posting great DIY ideas, and some other home improvement projects I've been working on! 

Melissa Marsh
There’s No Place Like Home

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bowling with the Fam

So a few weeks ago we had a family bowling day, and I just thought I would share some pics with you!! 
These are my two cutie pie nieces, Charley on the left and Riley on the right!
 And this is my nephew Hayden, he's really excited about something!
That's my step sister Shelby in the middle...
This is Garret(my fiance) and my Dad in the background.
And my sis, mother of the little ones.
Our good friend John.
Me and Garret!
John and his wife Kate.
Hayden and his dad(my brother-in-law), Dave.
Garret got a turkey!
And me...bowling in a dress.  Yes, this was an impromptu event. :-)
Thanks for stopping by today!!