Friday, March 23, 2012

Domestic Bliss Day 4-Wecoming Walls Vinyl Wall Decals

Before we get Day 4 started, I want to remind everyone to go and enter the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink Giveaway".  It has low entries, so everyone has a good shot at winning!  And it also inlcudes a vinyl wall decal from Welcoming Walls!


I'm just going to come right out and say it.  This is a fantastic product.  Welcoming Walls so generously sent me two vinyl wall decals to sample and review.  I set one of them aside for the giveaway, and decided to test the other one out. 

Here's the one for the giveaway:

And here's the one she sent that I tried out:

So let me tell you how stinkin' easy this was, and how wonderful it turned out.  Welcoming Walls sent a great set of instructions with the decals.

I know what you're thinking. You wouldn't think in depth instructions are needed just to stick a decal on the wall.  But I'm one of those people whose use of saran wrap or contact paper ends in disaster, so for me these instructions were essential. The instructions explain how to treat your surface before application, and then how to apply the decal.

I loved the laundry room decal Welcoming Walls sent me sooo much.  I decided not to put it directly on the wall, but to use it for another project I've been working on. 

During a recent visit to Habitat ReStore, I picked up an old cabinet door.  I painted it and waxed it.

Next, I took my new vinyl wall decal from Welcoming Walls, followed their instructions and within minutes it was complete!

I know, it's adorable, right? All I have left to do is hang it on the wall in my laundry room! 

I can't thank Welcoming Walls enough for allowing me to sample this fantastic product.  Will I be ordering something from them in the future?  Absolutely.  The hard part is choosing just one!  If you want to check out Welcoming Walls fantastic selection, you can visit them at the websites listed below.

Go like them on Facebook at:

Or check out their Etsy shop at:

Or best of all, go enter the giveaway at this link:

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I Heart Habitat for Humanity ReStore

First, I want to remind everyone to head over and enter our Everthing but the Kitchen Sink Giveaway here.  It has low entries right now, so take advantage of it!  Now onto ReStore...

A couple of weeks ago I went to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  For those of you who don't know a lot about it, Habitat ReStore accepts new and used building materials and furniture that are in good, usable condition.  All the proceeds from ReStore go to Habitat for Humanity.

 I want to show you guys how much they have to offer there. The inventory changes on a daily basis, so you never know what you might find.  I love going in there, because as a newer homeowner, there are a lot of changes and updates to be made.  With a little creativity, almost everything in their store can be an affordable fix.

First I stumbled upon a million different kinds of cabinet hardware.  They are really cheap at only $1.00/pull.

Need doorknobs?  They have those too!

They always have a large selection of light fixtures for every room.  There are days where they have some really modern fixtures, and days where it's mostly dated stuff.  But a can of spray paint can change the entire look of fixtures like you see in this photo.

Small glass panels are great for glass etching products.  I picked up a few for a holiday project I have planned for next year.  For only 50 cents each, I can store them until I'm ready to use them.

Ugly old mirrors can easily be transformed into something great with just a coat of paint!

These old cabinet door can be used a million different ways.  I will show you one way to use them in my next blog post.  I'm pretty proud of it.

The possibilities are endless!

With a new counter top and a fresh coat of paint, you have a new buffet!

Speaking of paint, check this out.  Only $25 each for the 5 gallon buckets.  

And only $5 a gallon! They have a bazillion different colors.

$2 for a quart will easily paint your new buffet you looked at earlier, and again, a huge selection of colors.

There are a million things you can do with tile.  Make a mosaic, or the project I'm looking forward to-monogrammed tile coasters!

And for those of us trying to update our homes, they also sell larger tiles.  A lot of times they have enough tile in one style to do an entire kitchen! 

On to wallpaper.  We all have our opinions on ancient wallpaper from the 80's and 90's, which is mostly what you will find here on an average day.

But ReStore even gives you a great project idea here.

And seriously, I think it looks fantastic. So simple too!

If you're after some granite for a kitchen island or bathroom vanity, this is the place to go.  At $2.00 a square foot, it can't be beat.

They have tons and tons of trim and crown molding as well.  Add more detail to your home, or make your own picture frames!

Spindles.  I'm not even going to get into the list of things you can use these babies for.  Any good DIYer knows the possibilties are endless.

Right now people are using doors for headboards, and all kinds of other decorating.  And you new homeowners might actually need new doors for their actual pupose.  They have all kinds of doors in all sizes from interior doors to sliding glass doors and more.  Just have to catch the ones you want on the right day.

I didn't even BEGIN to take photos of all the supplies and materials they have at Habitat for Humanity ReStores, but I hope this gives you a little inspiration, and a lot motivation to go check it out. :-)

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 2 of Domestic Bliss-Shallow Creek Crafts Scrubbie!

Today's Domestic Bliss product is a cotton and tulle scrubbie from Jane at Shallow Creek Crafts!  She sent me this one in green and white.  Isn't it cute?

Not only is it cute, it is a serious cleaning machine!  This scrubbie is very well made, which isn't surprising since Jane has been knitting, crocheting, sewing & quilting for over twenty years. 

I tested my Shallow Creek Scrubbie on my dishes and pots and pans from dinner last night.  We had tacos, so there were plenty of dishes to do.  It helped scrub all of our dinner plates and toppings bowls clean, but I was more amazed with how easy it was to clean the ground beef skillet.  My Shallow Creek Srubbie made it incredibly easy to get every last bit of greasy residue off the skillet!

I'm so used to just using an ordinary kitchen sponge.  They don't have the same power that these scrubbies do, because they aren't as tough and flexible.  I also used this scrubbie to clean my porcelain kitchen sink.  It helped scrub any loose food off the sides with ease, and didn't leave any scratches!  I've had issues finding a sponge that will clean it well without leaving scratch marks all over the place.

Most importantly, Shallow Creek Craft Srubbies are affordable!  You can buy a set of two for only $1.75.  That's pretty much awesome considering these are such well made products.

Shallow Creek Crafts makes these scrubbies in a ton of different colors.  Orange, green, blue, yellow, pink, and more!  They are made of 100% cotton yarn and netted tulle.  I just love that they are handmade and so unique.

You can find Shallow Creek Craft Srubbies, as well as richly scented hand poured soy candles, luxurious hand made soaps, skin softening lotions, luscious lip balms, and other knitted and crochet handmade items at:

Or check them out on Facebook at:

Thank you so much to Shallow Creek Crafts for participating in our "Domestic Bliss" series!

Check out the Everything but the Kitchen Sink Giveaway here:

Domestic Bliss-"Everything but the Kitchen Sink Giveaway!"

It's time to get the giveaway for our Domestic Bliss series started!

Announcing: Everything but the Kitchen Sink Giveaway!

A great giveaway including a variety of items from all of the participants in Domestic Bliss, a Kitchen and Laundry Room Review and Giveaway Series!

Here's everything included in the giveaway!

One really cool vinyl wall decal from Welcoming Walls, three fantastic vinyl chalkboard adhesives from KC Studio, one fragrant laundry detergent and one dishwasher detergent sample from Mrs. Statham's Simply Clean, one beautiful soap deck from Pine Branch Designs, three super cute clothespins from Little Bit of Everything, and one hard working dish scrubbie from Spun from Home.  Quite the loot! 

This giveaway will run from today 3-22-12 through 3-31-12, the last day of the month, and the end of our Domestic Bliss Kitchen and Laundry Room Review and Giveaway Series!

You can enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter below.  A winner will be chosen at random on April 1st!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 3 of Domestic Bliss- Black Sheep Soap Co. Stain Stick

First things first.  I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging, and Black Sheep Soap Co. does a great job with this.  Their charming packaging is really appealing to me. 

Not only are their products good-looking, they smell AMAZING!  I fell in love with this stain stick the second I opened it based only on it's wonderful scent. 

I knew I couldn't write an entire review on a stain stick about the fantastic fragrance alone, so I headed up to the laundry room to try it out. 

My real life job is working as a nurse assistant for a hospice agency.  I wear scrubs every day to work, and most days they get pretty filthy..  Right now they are disgusting because I have been dragging the hem of the pants through a bunch of muddy rain puddles.  So, I figured this was the best way to test my new Black Sheep Soap Co. Stain Stick.

The Stain Stick is super easy to use.  All you do is wet the area on your clothing that is stained, and rub it vigorously with the Stain Stick.  I did this to the hem of my scrub pants and after a few minutes, my stain was gone. 


Not being fully convinced that the Stain Stick was that magical, I found a harder test.  A place mat I've been avoiding with spaghetti stains on it.  Yes, my boyfriend is a messy slob.  This task took slightly more rubbing, but in no time it was stain free! 

The really great part about Black Sheep Soap Co.'s Stain Stick is that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.  So you can deal with the stain, but not feel like you have to start a load of laundry right then and there just to rinse out the Stain Stick soap. 

Speaking of soap, I want to also mention the other products Black Sheep Soap Co. offers.  I have not been lucky enough to try these products, but as satisfied as I am with their Stain Stick, I would imagine their other products are equally as wonderful.  They also offer soap in a variety of scents, bath bombs, bath tea, laundry soap, a moisturizing shampoo bar, and some gift sets as well. 

You guys, you have to go over to their Etsy shop and at least check it out.  Seriously. You would almost be crazy not to order something, anything!  This magical Stain Stick is only $3.00 plus shipping, and the rest of the items in their shop are equally as affordable.  You won't regret it, I promise.  You can thank me the second you get your package in the mail and breathe in the wonderful scent of your new soap.
You can find Black Sheep Soap Co.
on Facebook at:

Right now they are doing a giveaway there. All you have to do is head over, "Like" their facebook page, and then tell them which of their products you would like to win!
You can also check out their Etsy shop at:

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 1 of Domestic Bliss-Mrs. Statham's Simply Clean Product Review!

Okay everybody, it's time to get things started!  Welcome to Domestic Bliss, a Kitchen and Living Room Product Review and Giveaway Series!

We are kicking things off with some great environmentally conscious laundry and dishwasher detergent from Mrs. Statham's Simply Clean!

She sent me a sample of each of these two products. As soon as I got the package I could smell the fantastic fragrance of these two detergents.  They are called "Simply Clean" and that's exactly how they smell!

For the first time in my life I couldn't wait to do my dishes and laundry.  Not so shockingly, I had a load of dirty dishes waiting for me.  I ran the dishwasher using Mrs. Statham's Simply Clean Dishwasher Detergent, and as the dishwasher ran the wonderful, subtle scent filled my kitchen. It's amazing how something so simple can put you in a good mood!  When my dishwasher was finished cycling, I opened it up to find sparkling dishes!  I must admit, there are times when I don't rinse my plates off completely before sticking them in the dishwasher, but there was no evidence of this after using my Mrs. Statham's Simply Clean Dishwasher Detergent.

After seeing amazing results with Mrs. Statham's Dishwasher Detergent, I was ready to try out her Simply Clean HE Laundry Detergent.  I threw a load of towels in the washer.  The fragrance was wonderful as I loaded my laundry, but not at all overwhelming. Using store bought detergents, I never really even notice a clean scent when my laundry is done.  This detergent made my towels smell fresh and clean, without being overpowering.  I couldn't have been happier to find that they looked as clean and fresh as they smelled! 

There are several other, slightly more important, things to mention about Mrs. Staham's products.  They are vegan ecologically sound products that contain no harmful additives.  They do not include silica (sand) filler, parabens, or phosphates.  She uses gentle, natural soaps, detergents and chelating agents.

Her products are also very affordable.  Her 2lb bag of laundry detergent is only $10 and does up to 64 loads of laundry.  That's only 16 cents per load.  You simply cannot beat that! 

Completely Unscented HE Laundry Detergent   64 loads 2 lbs.

And for those who are sensitive to perfumes and fragrances, she does carry a completely unscented version of her detergent in addition to her scented detergents.

My suggestion?  Order her Starter Set.  Mrs. Statham's works to build her  brand as an environmentally conscious one, so she sells this beautiful Starter Set that includes a reusable container filled with detergent, and it comes with a 1 TBLS. scoop.  Her larger starter set is only $22 for 128 loads, and would add beauty to any laundry room.

You can find Mrs. Stathams's Simply Clean Dishwasher and Laundry Detergents, as well as some other great products at: and her Etsy shop

You can also check Mrs. Statham's out on facebook at:

OH! And one more thing!  Mrs. Statham's sent me an extra Simply Clean Dishwasher Detergent, and an extra Simply Clean HE Laundry Detergent.  I will giving these samples away in our "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" giveaway here in a couple of weeks!  Don't worry, I'll remind you what all is a part of the giveaway as we continue this series. 

Thank you so much to Mrs. Statham's for being a part of the "Domestic Bliss" series.  It's been a pleasure to sample and review a few of your products. :-)

Check out the Everything but the Kitchen Sink Giveaway here:

NEW!  Mrs. Statham's is generously offering 20% off your purchase either at her Etsy shop or on her website.  This discount code is DOMESTICBLISS.  How exciting, go take advantage of it!

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