Saturday, August 11, 2012

Famous Footwear Victory, and a Fantastic Coupon!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to shoe shopping, we all love it.  But sometimes we just would love if it was easy.  For easy shoe shopping, I always head to Famous Footwear! They have hundreds of brands in thousands of styles, and they make it super quick and easy to shop, whether it's for back to school or because like me you just love shoes!

I first fell in love with Famous Footwear when I was in high school, because my sister worked a part time job there.  They have the best looks in tennis shoes, boots, high heels, sandals, and everything in between!  They always have plenty of employees there just ready and waiting to help you.  If you're having trouble finding a size, they will help you find it.  If for some reason they don't have your size in stock, they can have your shoes delivered to your home or can order them through their website  What's even better is that if you want to order your shoes online, you can have them delivered to your nearest store for no charge.  All you have to do is go pick them up.  Now that, I love.


Right now at Famous Footwear they are offering a really great deal.  15% off PLUS BOGO(buy one get one half off!).  That's something you can't find anywhere else.  It's going to be so easy to get out and get everyone's shoes for the year with this kind of coupon!  And guess what?  All of you are in luck because you can print that very coupon off right here, just click on the link below! It's redeemable now through August 18th!

BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon

And don't forget to join their free rewards program when you go, it's seriously silly not to.  First of all, you get a discount offer just for signing up.  On top of all the other savings we just talked about?  Love it!  Then you get 1 point for every dollar you spend online or in-store.  Those points will accumulate earning you up to $100 in gift certificates a year!  Not to mention the other great offers you will receive just for being a part of their free rewards program.  Sounds like a winner to me

So get out their and spoil your kids, spoil your spouse, and most importantly spoil yourself at Famous Footwear!



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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Honey-Do List...To Myself

Guess how many times a week I can honestly say there is no housework to do?  Usually a big goose egg!  This week I took Wednesday off to get my hair done, go to the eye doctor, and run some other errands.  When I came home I cleaned the house from top to bottom, while catching up on all my shows.  Now, here I sit in silence waiting for Garret to get home and I have nothing to do!  That never happens! 

The only thing is I have a ton of things I want to do, and several projects to work on.  Most of them require me changing into my paint clothes, and making a huge mess.  I don't have enough time for all that since we're going shopping for a birthday gift and to dinner tonight.  So I thought I'd at least make a list for myself here, so you can see it and then I'm accountable!

The Melissa- Get Your Life Together List

1. Finish the dresser that's in pieces all over the garage.  I think Garret's annoyed by it. (Side note: In order to do this you need to go to the paint store and purchase a new color since you didn't like the first one at all.  Also, try and see if you can borrow someones sander, because you really screwed up the chalk paint recipe, and the paint job looks terrible.)

The before....before I screwed it up even more.

2. Do SOMETHING with the 6 emptied and cleaned wine bottles sitting on the kitchen counter.  You've already looked up 4 different ways of painting and decorating them, and you even have some new ideas.  So get to it before you decide you're sick of staring at them and throw them away!

3. Take some pictures and write the blog post about your cute new side table in the kitchen.  It's adorable, you know you want to show it off!! 

4.  Organize the spare bedroom/junk room/craft room.  Go find a couple shelves at garage sales, paint them pretty, and straighten things up! Oh, wait.  That would require more painting, but you're much of a wimp about this billion degree weather to do it. 

Oh, how I miss winter!!

5.  Think about making some wall art for your bedroom.  You have lived in this house for over a year now and the walls in that room are BARE.  Just because you're too cheap to buy something, doesn't mean you can't make something for cheap. Maybe you should be on Pinterest right now getting ideas instead of just listing all the things you want to do because you're to lazy to start doing them.

Geeze, I was a little hard on myself with this list, but I guess no one else is going to get my butt in gear.  So I'll leave you with that.  If nothing else, I hope I motivated you to get some things done so you don't have a depressing list like mine! 

Also, don't forget about the referral giveaway over on our Facebook page!! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now Accepting Sponsors!

Hi ladies and gents! I want to let you all know that There's No Place Like Home is now accepting sponsors!! I have the prices VERY low right now to kick things off! I'd like really like to have a great group of sponsors, so I've tried to keep the pricing super affordable. I can't wait to showcase new blogs and shops to you guys!

I currently have over 450 facebook fans, as well as a great group of followers here on the blog. I will be doing numerous facebook shoutouts for sponsors, as well as features and giveaways right here! If you have a blog or shop, and would like to be a sponsor, you can get all the info RIGHT HERE! I'd love for you to make There's No Place Like Home a home for you and your blog!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Referral Giveaway Going On...

Hi all!  Didn't want to leave you out of the loop about a giveaway going on over on Facebook!  It's a referral giveaway.  The person who refers the most new fans gets 20 of these vinyl chalkboard labels in either brown or black!

And as a little incentive for your friends and family to "like" There's No Place Like Home on Facebook, one of the new fans will be receiving 10 for themselves!! Whoo hoo!!  Spread the word, here's the link!  I have the contest info pinned to the top of the page!

Mailboxes, Doormats, and Birdbaths! Oh My!

Hi everybody!  I don't know about you but it is HOT here!  And guess what?  My grass is dormant.  My flowers are dead.  They only thing that looks good outside my house is the lawn and garden decor.  Honestly, I don't have a ton of it right now, but I'm working on it.  I recently found some really cute house signs and doormats that can be personalized.  There's a company called Mailbox and Beyond that sells all kinds of really amazing outdoor decor online. 

I never realized how much variety there was in different types of mailboxes, address plaques, and doormats.  They can even personalize a crock for you, which would be really pretty come fall when you can plant your colorful mums in it! 

Now Garret and I aren't married, so personalizing everything with his last name might be jumping the gun a little bit.  However, they can personalize using your street name and address, or just have it say "Welcome".  Should Garret and I get married, I would love to have one of their wedding plaques.  They say "House of (your last name), Established (your wedding date)".  SO adorable! 

Adding birdbaths, fountains, and bird feeders have also been a recent obsession of mine.  All these are ways to beautify your lawn, garden, and porch.  When none of your plants and flowers are alive, at least you will have the beauty of birds and running water!

So, those are my hot weather yard decorating tips, hope you enjoyed!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend at the Lake

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a weekend trip to my sister's in-law's lake house.  They own a home at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  I wanted to share a few pics of the fun we had, and also some pictures of the beautiful lake house.  Talk about super fun nautical decorating.  I absolutely love the way they have embraced the nautical theme, and how it is evident in every room.  Here are a few TON of pictures. First up are some of the home itself.

One of the guest bedrooms with water and boat wall paper.

Mantle in the upstairs living room.

Beautiful big doors overlooking the lake.

Blurry...but love it.

Upstairs guest bath. How adorable is this?

Bunk room downstairs. Has three beds in this room.

The bar downstairs. Exactly what a lake house bar should look like.

Basket of sunscreen, with a patriotic touch.

Downstairs fireplace.

The dogs relaxing on the comfy leather couches in front of more widows that overlook the lake.

Shelf that lines the wall to the door to the back patio and lake.

Map of the lake!

Another lazy dog photo.

The dogs having fun!

And here are some photos of the group of us having a great time!  Some of these were taken at the restaurant across the lake.

My Garret and my brother Eric.

My brother and sister.

Alligator bites! So yummy!

View from our table!

Cajun is the best!

From left to right, Garret, my brother Eric, and my boyfriend-another Garret!

The group taking some shots. It was my brothers birthday!

Me and my sister, singing apparently.

Anyway, that was our lake trip! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Caffeine Deprived and Giveaway Winners!

First, I want to again apologize for being absent.  We've had a busy couple of weeks, and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep for several nights last week.  On top of that, Garret and I started a diet.  This diet does not include caffeine, and for someone who had a Diet Coke obsession it's not easy.  I never realized how much I relied on caffeine until the past two weeks.   I've officially gone 11 days Diet Coke free, and have only had two cups of coffee in that time as well. 

So long story short, I've been feeling pretty drained.  When I come home I'm just tired, and the thought of doing much of anything makes my brain hurt.  The last few days I have been slllooooowwlly creeping out of that hole, and I'm feeling a little better. I think I many have finally caught up on that missing sleep, and am getting used to a caffeine-less diet.  Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me.  I do have some super cool things to show you over the next few days if I can get to them, so hang tight and we'll be back in the groove in no time!  Okay, time for what you really want to hear! 

The two winners for the 30 days large ad space are in!  Congratulations to Erin H. and Rebecca!  I will be sending you both emails this afternoon with details!! Thanks to everyone who entered, and we may be doing another giveaway very soon!! :-) Happy Thursday...ALMOST FRIDAY! YAY!